Derryn and Mike's Pre Wedding Shoot

We got rained on, squared up to by deer, and witnessed THE most amazing sunset right after the storm. 3 hours of the weirdest change in weather I’ve seen in a long time! - Still, Derryn & Mike’s Pre wedding shoot went amazingly well and we were incredibly lucky to get the sunset we did. :D

Sophie & Chris' Wedding At Askham Hall!

I’ve been meaning to start a blog for the longest time, and since i’ve just launched the new site, I thought it would be a good idea to start one or I might never get around to it.

The plan is, to keep this updated (as best I can) throughout the year with photos, info, advice, and anything else wedding related! :)

2018 was such an amazing year for weddings and I feel so privileged to have been part of each and every one of them.

Sophie & Chris had their wedding at Askham hall in Penrith! The day from start to finish was absolutely beautiful, and the weather held up all day which was a bonus!

Askham Hall has no shortage of beautiful scenery but the sun setting over the already golden fields made the photos that much more amazing.

Here’s a short video and slideshow of the day from beginning to end! Sophie and Chris… If you’re reading this.. Fancy doing it all again? :D