A lot of people are unsure of whether a pre-wedding shoot is for them. I always recommend one for a number of reasons.

There's a lot more time to relax and get used to being in front of the camera! Most people aren’t used to it and find it pretty daunting at first, but over the course of the shoot, you’ll begin to chill out more and more and not only does that then lead to a great set of images, but when it comes to your wedding day, you’ll already be pros!


They also give you a completely different set of images to what you’ll get on the wedding day. The location is completely your choice, so whatever mood you’re going for can be reflected by this. It could be somewhere sentimental to both of you, or somewhere with beautiful scenery! We’re not restricted by busy schedules, so you’ll get a lot more variation of images, and we also have the luxury to plan the time of the shoots, to coincide with the best light, (and/or avoid the not so lovely English weather!).


And finally, they’re great fun to do! - From the open landscapes of the peak district to the bustling streets of Whitby, every shoot is completely different, and its always an adventure!